CASE STUDY: Knowledge management system for property services department of major uk retailer


The Property Services department of the UK’s number 1 supermarket chain. With a budget of almost £2 billion, the department is responsible for building new stores, extending and re-fitting existing stores and managing all maintenance issues across the estate.

Project Background

Based on the findings from a project to review and simplify working practices, plus staff and supplier feedback, a project was initiated within the organisation as numerous issues, relating to information management, had become apparent:

The solution was to acquire and implement a system which would allow the organisation to manage its information more effectively.

The solution we chose met our selection criteria as it was one of the few property-specific knowledge management systems available in the marketplace. The solution could be classed as a document management system, a project management system or even an extranet solution, but was actually promoted internally as a Knowledge Management System that is available via the internet (thus allowing the sharing of information both internally and with the supply chain).

Key Deliverables

We adopted a phased approach to implementing the solution. The first 3 phases are highlighted below:

Phase 1

Focused on delivering the ‘foundations’ of the system. This is the core information that is required for all future system development, namely:

Phase 2

Focused on delivering a mix of core business functions along with some smaller pieces of work. The core business functions were deemed as necessities by the business. The smaller pieces of work were quick wins, to maintain interest in the system by meeting the needs of a wide number of users in a short timeframe:

Phase 3

Focused on delivering further key business functions ensuring that the system became embedded in the organisation’s ways of working.


The benefits delivered by implementing the system were: