Case  Study: Process Framework for Global Electrical Goods Manufacturer


The newly-formed IT department of a global electrical goods manufacturer, based across numerous sites in Europe and America. The department was tasked with delivering and supporting IT services across the whole of the group.


The IT department was created from a disparate collection of IT functions from various countries and business units within the organisation. There were no documented processes and each of the original IT functions had different ways of working. A new Senior Vice President for Service Delivery was appointed and commissioned the development and implementation of a common process framework.


Reporting directly to the Senior Vice President, we were responsible for planning and managing the project and chose the following structured approach to develop the process framework:

The organisation decided against ISO9001 certification at the time. However, the process framework was developed in-line with ISO9001 and ITIL to support future certification if required.


A fully-document framework of processes and supporting documents.